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StatPlay, Your game, your rules!

StatPlay, Your game, your rules!

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Update: 02.05.2024

StartPlay, the innovative game development platform, has just rolled out its latest update, packed with new features and improvements to its user-friendly interface. This release marks a significant step forward in the platform’s evolution, offering developers an expanded toolkit to create immersive and engaging games.

Enhanced Editor Settings and Effects

The update introduces new editor settings that allow for automatic saving at customizable intervals between 5 to 60 minutes, ensuring that developers never lose their progress. Additionally, users can now adjust the movement speed within the editor, providing a more personalized experience.

Effect settings have also been refined, with options to activate effects immediately or with a delay. New global effect triggers have been added, giving developers more control over the game’s atmosphere and visual elements.

Expanded Platformer Features

Platformer game creators will be thrilled with the additions to this genre. The update includes 100 new playable characters to choose from, adding diversity to game protagonists. Environmental elements such as water and slippery surfaces have been introduced, along with climbing poles to create more challenging and varied levels.

New object types have been added to enrich platformer gameplay:

  • Punch boxes (empty, with coins, or with extra lives)
  • Metal boxes
  • Breakable boxes (empty, with coins, or with extra lives)
  • Trees (with and without coins)
  • Signposts

These additions allow for more interactive and rewarding gameplay experiences.

Improved Visuals and Gameplay Mechanics

The update also brings improvements to enemy animations, enhancing the overall visual quality of games created on the platform. New trigger actions have been added, including the ability to change lighting over time, add to coin counts, and increase scores, providing more dynamic gameplay options.

Bug Fixes

As with any quality update, StartPlay has addressed several bugs:

  • Fixed an issue in the building constructor where some main characters didn’t recognize floor levels and floated above them.
  • Resolved a problem with certain platforms duplicating without reason.

These fixes ensure a smoother, more reliable development experience for all users.

Looking Ahead

This comprehensive update demonstrates StartPlay’s commitment to continually improving its platform and responding to the needs of its user base.

Whether you’re a seasoned game developer or just starting out, StartPlay’s latest update offers something for everyone. With its intuitive interface and ever-expanding feature set, creating your dream game has never been more accessible.

Stay tuned for more updates as StartPlay continues to evolve and expand its reach in the game development world.

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