StatPlay, Your game, your rules!

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StatPlay, Your game, your rules!

StatPlay, Your game, your rules!

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Is StartPlay available for free use?

StartPlay allows you to develop games for free without feature limitations, depending on the type of subscription you have. A free subscription can develop up to 2 games. You can develop, save, and share games without feature limitations and you can also use all model files, graphics, and sound without any restriction.

What games can be developed using StartPlay?

With StartPlay, you can develop FPS games, platformer games, car games, multiplayer games, and in the future, a wide variety of game styles. We are working on additional styles such as: runner games, virtual tours in 3D worlds, escape rooms, and other game styles.

How many models and sound files (assets) are there in the game that we can use?

Currently, there are thousands of different models divided into various styles and hundreds of music files. We are working on additional assets and updating the inventory with almost every game update.

Can I share the game I built with other people?

Of course, after finishing building a game, you can easily click on the share game button and the game will be shared with all users. We are working on a special system for sharing only with friends, to share only with people from whom you want to receive feedback on the game before the big share.


Do you need to know programming to build a game with StartPlay?

No. StartPlay was specially developed to allow children to develop a game without the need for programming knowledge or code writing. All development is done by designing objects on the map such as: models, effects, enemies and more... and each object has personal settings that can be used to develop the game.

Can I export the game I develop through StartPlay?

No. There is no option to export games developed using StartPlay. You can only play games you or others have developed and share your games with others on the network.

How long does it take to create a game using StartPlay?

It all depends on you. You can create a small game in a few minutes or invest an entire week to develop a huge game. For beginners, it's possible to first create small games to learn the system and then develop the game they've dreamed of.

How often do you update StartPlay?

We make sure to update it every two weeks at most. We place a very high importance on creating many updates and giving you as many tools as possible so that you can develop the game you've dreamed of.

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