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StatPlay, Your game, your rules!

StatPlay, Your game, your rules!

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Update: 08.07.2024

We’re excited to announce the latest update for Startplay!

This update brings three major improvements to our no-code game development platform:

  1. Automatic Game Updates: We’ve implemented a new system that automatically updates your games to the latest version. This ensures that all users always have access to the most recent features and improvements without any manual intervention.
  2. New Stylized Models: We’ve expanded our asset library with a range of new stylized models. These additions offer more options for creators looking to build games with a unique, artistic aesthetic.
  3. New Stylized Map Template: Complementing our new stylized models, we’ve also added a new map template in the stylized style. This template provides a fresh canvas for creators to build visually striking game environments.

In addition to these major features, the update includes various bug fixes and performance optimizations to enhance the overall Startplay experience.

We’re committed to continually improving Startplay and empowering our users to bring their game ideas to life without the need for coding knowledge. We look forward to seeing the creative projects our community will develop with these new tools and features!

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