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Update: 04.06.2024

StartPlay, the innovative game development platform, has rolled out its latest update, introducing a range of new features and improvements that promise to elevate both the development process and player experience. This update, released on June 4, 2024, focuses on enhancing visual elements, expanding gameplay mechanics, and refining existing features.

Visual Enhancements and Map Features

The update brings significant improvements to game visuals and navigation:

  1. Map Fog: Developers can now add atmospheric fog to their maps, with customizable color and distance settings.
  2. Mini-map: A new mini-map feature has been introduced, aiding player navigation in larger game worlds.
  3. Enemy Health Bars: Visual health indicators can now be displayed above enemy characters, providing clearer feedback to players.

Expanded Development Tools

StartPlay continues to empower developers with new tools and options:

  1. Model Alignment: A new feature allows for easy alignment of models along specific axes.
  2. Automatic Duplication: Developers can now automatically duplicate models, effects, collectibles, and triggers, streamlining the level design process.
  3. Object Visibility: The update includes improvements to showing and hiding all types of objects.

New Gameplay Mechanics

The update introduces several new gameplay elements and triggers:

  1. Instant Power Reduction: A new trigger allows for immediate power reduction in gameplay.
  2. Model Following: Triggers can now be set to follow specific models.
  3. Score and Money-based Door Opening: Doors can now be configured to open based on player score or in-game currency.

Changes and Improvements

Several existing features have been refined:

  1. Dynamic Skies: All sky types now feature movement, adding more life to game environments.
  2. Default Player Character: The main player now starts as a child character by default.
  3. Improved Effects: Camera effects are now visible when entering vehicles.

Bug Fixes

As always, StartPlay has addressed several bugs to ensure a smoother experience:

  1. Fixed an issue where camera effects were not visible when entering vehicles.
  2. Resolved a problem with some doors duplicating without reason.
  3. Adjusted water entry sound to play only for the main player or main players in multiplayer mode.

Looking Ahead

This comprehensive update demonstrates StartPlay’s commitment to continually improving its platform based on developer needs and player expectations. The new visual enhancements, coupled with expanded development tools and gameplay mechanics, offer developers even more creative freedom in bringing their game ideas to life.

Whether you’re crafting an immersive open-world experience or a tightly designed puzzle game, StartPlay’s latest update provides the tools to make your vision a reality. As the platform continues to evolve, it solidifies its position as a versatile and powerful game development solution.

Stay tuned for future updates as StartPlay continues to push the boundaries of game development technology and user-friendly design.

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